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The Eros swim spa is the perfect swim spa for children to practice their swimming in. Although the Eros is one of our more compact swim spas, it is 4.5 metres in length, meaning there is still ample space for swimming or relaxing.

As well as being a swim spa, it delivers a quality hot tub experience. Providing everything you need for family enjoyment, the Eros is a special place to relax as well as a great place for swimming. You can also use this space to perform weightless exercise against the adjustable counter currents, low impact walking exercise is a popular choice.

The Eros includes powerful jets, water features and LED lights.  Using 3 x 6BHP pumps in the swim section, the jet pressure is powerful, and therefore the hydrotherapy is exceptional. Read more about our hydrotherapy benefits in our – Professional cyclists share the benefit of hydrotherapy after exercise article.

This great value swim spa is built with a high quality Superior Aristech Acrylic finish and the Ozone water clarifying system.

With the latest innovations and technology, the Eros swim spa is designed to a very high specification and is full of impressive features to create a stunning swimming pool. Cutting-edge pump and heating technology ensures that the Eros is also economical to run.

The Eros swim spa includes two comfortable seats, meaning you can share your relaxation space with a friend or family member.

A hot tub can provide a number of benefits including family fun, light training, or a more strenuous workout on top of being a space to relax. With wellness high on people’s priority lists, the demand for swim spas or aquatic fitness centres is only set to keep rising.

Swim Spa EROS

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