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Designed for comfort, the Refresh hot tub in the new Platinum Spas Deluxe range includes the Superior Aristech Acrylic and the Ozone water clarifying system.

The Refresh comes with a built-in Bluetooth sound system bringing that party feel when relaxing. The Platinum Premium Shield also provides that extra support for retaining the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process; giving you a reduction in energy costs.

The Refresh is ideal for up to 6 people, with one lounger and five seats. This also make it the perfect place for socialising with friends and family.

The Refresh hot tub is perfect for a family. The Refresh has great features and is incredibly comfortable. Improve your wellbeing and melt away any stress in your back as soon as you lie back into the new mould. Great for family fun or relaxing as a couple.


SKU: Refresh
$7,999.00 Regular Price
$6,999.00Sale Price
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