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Is the Oslo for you?


The Oslo features three colour options for the shell and one for the side panels, allowing you to choose a design that matches your style. With 64 jets arranged in various formations, you can enjoy a customised hydrotherapy experience.

The ozone water clarifier helps keep your water clean and clear. Equipped with three 3HP LX pumps, which are known for their advanced technology, the Oslo ensures powerful and efficient performance. The 3KW heater and ‘Platinum Premium Shield’ insulation keep your water warm, allowing you to relax and unwind in comfort. Built with high-quality Aristech Acrylic, a world-leading supplier of premium materials, the Oslo ensures durability and longevity.


If you enjoy hosting parties, or you’re part of a large family, the Oslo hot tub is the one for you!

The Oslo has 7 seats, making it an ideal size for inviting friends over for an enjoyable soak. It includes an abundance of features and its all-seater design is super comfortable.

Improve you and your family’s wellbeing with the Oslo hot tub. Through its impressive array of 64 jets, you can reap the benefits of hydrotherapy today! The Oslo comfortably reduces any stress in your body as soon as you sit back into it.


SKU: Oslo
$15,999.00 Regular Price
$10,499.00Sale Price
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