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HT Instant Cartridge Cleaner quickly removes scum, oils, minerals, and scale from cartridge filters. This special liquid formula is a heavy concentrate that works in minutes, requires no scrubbing, and allows you to continue to enjoy your spa without delay.




Simply remove the cartridge filter and rinse it thoroughly with a pressure activated garden hose. While wet, spray on Instant Cartridge Cleaner on the entire surface and allow 3 to 5 minutes to set. Rinse thoroughly and reinstall cartridge filters into spa.


NOTE: Use of the Filter Flosser makes cleaning your filter easy and more effective. Approximately every 3 months thoroughly clean your filters by soaking them for 10 to 12 hours in Filter Clean solution. Proper care of your filters will save you money by extending their life. Remember: Dirty filters restrict water flow and performance of your jets along with causing pumps to fail. You should clean your filters each time you change your water and once every two weeks clean them with Instant Cartridge Cleaner.

Instant Cartridge Cleaner

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