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This is an enhanced formula, unlike other competitive products on the market. Keep out of reach of children and avoid splashing it on surfaces such as linoleum or tile. The use of HT Filter Cleaner will effectively break down the body oils, grease, soap film, calcium deposits, and other contaminates on your filter cartridge. The result will be an improved filter efficiency and an extended life to your cartridge. Regular use of this product will assure proper filtration.



Mix 8 oz of Filter Cleaner per 1.25 gallons of clean water in a large plastic container that will hold enough water to cover the filter(s) you wish to soak. Always add Filter Cleaner to the water not the reverse and never use a metal container with Filter Cleaner. Place cartridge(s) fully immersed in the solution and allow 10 to 12 hours to soak. Remove cartridges and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Place on a shelf and allow cartridges to air dry before reinserting them into your spa. To avoid down time on your spa and to extend the life of your filter(s) it is recommended to have a spare set of filters.


NOTE: Dirty filters restrict water flow and performance of your jets along with causing pumps to fail. You should clean your filters each time you change your water and once every two weeks clean them with Instant Cartridge Cleaner.

Filter Cleaner

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