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Is the Colombo for you?


The Colombo hot tub by Platinum Spas seats up to seven people, making it the perfect match for a large family or someone who enjoys having large gatherings with friends.

This 7 seater hot tub includes 48 jets, water features and LED lights. Using 2 x 2HP pumps, the jet pressure is incredibly powerful, and therefore the hydrotherapy is exceptional.


If you’re looking for a spa that can cater for a large family, or you enjoy hosting parties for friends, the Colombo hot tub is the stand-out option for you.

The Colombo is a 7 seater hot tub that’s the perfect size for inviting friends round for a relaxing evening soak. It has an abundance of features and its all-seater design is incredibly comfortable.

Improve you and your family’s wellbeing with our Colombo hot tub. Through its impressive array of jets, the Colombo will reduce any stress in your back as soon as you sit back into it. Reap the benefits of hydrotherapy today!



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